• Yatri Bhojan Private Limited. has been incorporated with a view to operate an online food portal to provide hot and hygienic food prepared by empanelled food outlets for rail and flight passengers, with the convenience of pre-ordering and delivery at airport or train berth/seat. The company has established a dedicated call centre (076 0600 3701) and has also an operationalized website (www.yatribhojan.com) for this purpose for ordering online
  • It provides the facility to the passengers to pre-order the meal from the opted options available as per the choice, for delivery at the opted stations either through our website or by SMS/Phone call to our call centre. Passengers are also given the options to choice their mode of payment, i.e. pre-payment (via payment gateway option) or on delivery basis.
  • Yatri Bhojan’s empanelled delivery restaurants/vendors are location specific and are reputed food outlets with valid licenses. These vendors implements stringent quality control procedures for food preparation and packaging.
  • Yatri Bhojan plans to tie up with over 250 restaurants and caterers at over 150 stations in Pan India.
  • Yatri Bhojan has set up a dedicated customer care team which continuously monitors the train running status and accordingly plans delivery of food to its passengers at the most appropriate train stations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The customer care team also takes feedback of every food order placed with Yatri Bhojan with regards to food quality, packaging and taste etc.
  • Yatri Bhojan has also providing the facility to deliver a bulk no of orders at all major Airport in PAN INDIA.
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