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Order Food in Trains with an Official IRCTC-Authorized E-Catering Partner

YatriBhojan: Where Quality Meets Convenience in Train Food Delivery!

Hello, fellow food enthusiasts! Whether you're currently journeying on a train or gearing up for your next day's adventure, the question of what to savour during your travels need not linger. Enter YatriBhojan, your trusted IRCTC-Authorized E-Catering Partner, ready to elevate your train experience with delectable and fresh food delivered right to your seat.


YatriBhojan is more than just a food delivery service; it's your travel companion, ensuring that your train journey becomes a homey affair through the joy of delightful meals served with care. As avid food lovers ourselves, we understand the significance of turning each train ride into a memorable culinary experience.


Our commitment to being an Authorized IRCTC Partner is a testament to the quality and reliability we bring to your table. When you choose YatriBhojan, you're not just opting for a meal; you're embracing a journey of flavours that transcends the ordinary.


Picture this: A piping hot, flavorful meal delivered right to your seat, turning your train compartment into a dining haven. YatriBhojan takes pride in being your culinary ally, ensuring that the best food delivery on the train becomes a highlight of your journey, providing an enjoyable experience for every passenger on board.


But what sets YatriBhojan apart is the simplicity and personalization we offer in ordering your train food. Within a matter of minutes, on any train, at any time, and at any station, you have the power to curate your meal. Choose from a diverse menu, pick your preferred items and quantity, and even decide where you want your delicious feast to be delivered.


Traveling with companions? We celebrate the joy of shared meals by offering great discounts on group food orders. Because we believe that good food is even better when enjoyed together, creating memories that last beyond the journey.


YatriBhojan embraces the future of food delivery with a state-of-the-art AI-based system. This technology ensures that your food reaches you efficiently and promptly, making your ordering process seamless and hassle-free. It's our way of adapting to your needs and ensuring that every meal is not just a necessity but an experience.


YatriBhojan is not merely a service; it's a celebration of flavours, a journey of culinary delights, and a commitment to ensuring that your train travel is not just about reaching a destination but relishing every moment along the way. Join us in making your journey a delectable experience – YatriBhojan, where every meal is a destination in itself!


Train me Khana, Yatribhojan se hi Mangwana!

How YatriBhojan, an IRCTC Official Partner, Facilitates Food Delivery in Trains
  • Booking Process:

    PNR Integration: YatriBhojan streamlines the process by integrating with the PNR system. Passengers can easily reserve meals using their confirmed ticket's PNR number.

  • Order Placement:

    User-Friendly Platform: Utilizing the YatriBhojan website, passengers input essential details such as PNR, Train Name, or Train Number to book food in train.

  • Verification and Confirmation:

    Backend Validation: Once passenger details are submitted, the robust backend system cross-checks and verifies the train information, ensuring accuracy.

  • Order Processing:

    Confirmation Notification: After successful verification, your meal order request is generated. Details are promptly communicated to our restaurant partners for processing.

  • Communication with Passengers:

    Order Confirmation Message: YatriBhojan keeps passengers informed by sending a confirmation message with details of their order.

Verification and Confirmation by Restaurant Partner:

  • Personalized Verification Call:

    The FSSAI-certified restaurant partner associated with YatriBhojan takes the initiative to call the passenger, ensuring a personalized confirmation of the order.

  • Hygienic Food Preparation:

    Sealed Packaging: Prioritizing hygiene, the chosen food items are prepared with care and sealed securely in packaging, maintaining freshness and quality.

  • Efficient Delivery:

    Dedicated Delivery Personnel: YatriBhojan goes the extra mile with dedicated delivery personnel responsible for ensuring your food reaches you on time and in perfect condition.

  • Civilized Delivery Process:

    Professional Conduct: YatriBhojan's delivery personnel adhere to civilized and professional conduct, respecting passengers' space and ensuring a pleasant delivery experience.

  • Quality Assurance:

    IRCTC Partnership: As an official IRCTC partner, YatriBhojan upholds the highest standards, ensuring that every meal delivered reflects the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Feedback Mechanism:

    Continuous Improvement: YatriBhojan values passenger feedback to enhance its services continually. This feedback loop contributes to an improved and refined food delivery experience.

In partnership with IRCTC, YatriBhojan not only simplifies the process of food delivery in trains but also places a strong emphasis on a civilized and quality-centric approach, making your culinary trip is an important part of the whole vacation experience.

How to Order Food in Trains Online

YatriBhojan, as the official IRCTC E-Catering partner, has revolutionized the train food experience for Indian Railway passengers. Ordering food online with YatriBhojan is as simple as a sip of tea, offering a seamless and straightforward process. Experience the ease of ordering delectable meals with YatriBhojan, the official IRCTC E-Catering partner. On the YatriBhojan website, passengers can effortlessly input their PNR, Train Name, or Train Number to reserve delightful meals for a hassle-free culinary journey. Enjoy the convenience and delight of ordering food online for yourself and your family, making your train travel a tasteful experience with YatriBhojan.

Steps to Order Food on Trains with the YatriBhojan Website

  • STEP 1: Visit Yatribhojan Website:

    Access to begin your culinary journey with YatriBhojan.
  • STEP 2: Option 1: PNR Entry

    Enter your PNR number for quick and convenient order placement.

    Option 2: Train Details Entry

    Alternatively, enter Train Name or Number and select the Boarding Date for a tailored food ordering experience.

  • STEP 3: Place Your Order:

    Select your preferred boarding station and proceed to place your order.
  • STEP 4: Explore Menu and Add to Cart:

    Delve into a diverse menu offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. Put the food items you want in the cart.
  • STEP 5: Coupon Application:

    Enhance your experience by applying coupons from the list of enticing food in train offers.
  • STEP 6: Payment Method:

    Choose your preferred payment method - either Cash on Delivery (COD) or secure online payment.
  • STEP 7: Confirmation Notification:

    Receive a confirmation message via SMS and Email, ensuring your order is on track.
  • STEP 8: Delivery at Your Chosen Station:

    Await the arrival of the delivery personnel who will bring your hot, fresh, and tasty meals to the station of your choice.

Savour Your Journey- Now, sit back, relax, and relish your train journey with a delightful meal delivered right to your seat by YatriBhojan – where convenience meets culinary excellence.

Steps to Book Food in Trains by Dialing YatriBhojan Toll-Free Phone Number

  • STEP 1: Dial the Toll-Free Number:

    Begin by dialing the YatriBhojan Toll-Free Phone Number: +91 76060 03702.
  • STEP 2: Provide Necessary Information:

    Share essential details such as your PNR number, train name or number, and boarding date with the YatriBhojan representative.
  • STEP 3: Select Your Meals:

    Choose from a variety of meals available for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks based on your preferences.
  • STEP 4: Specify Boarding Station:

    Clearly communicate the station where you want your food to be delivered during your train journey.
  • STEP 5: Coupon Application:

    Inquire about any ongoing offers or discounts and apply relevant coupons for potential savings.
  • STEP 6: Confirm Your Order:

    Verify the details of your order with the YatriBhojan representative and confirm the selection of your meals.
  • STEP 7: Receive Confirmation Details:

    After finalizing your order, expect to receiving confirmation details promptly. You'll be informed via SMS on your registered mobile number and/or through an email.

    Wait for Delivery- Sit back and relax as YatriBhojan ensures your chosen meals are delivered to your designated station.

    Enjoy Your Train Journey: Once your hot and fresh meals arrive, relish the convenience of having delicious food delivered right to your train seat by YatriBhojan – making your journey a delightful experience.

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