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Group Order Express - Order Bulk Food in Train Online from Yatribhojan


Simplify your group train travel with our bulk food ordering service - perfect for friends, family, and group journeys!

Are you planning a train journey with your family and friends? The excitement of being on board with your loved ones is unparalleled. And now, there's another reason to rejoice - you won't have to worry about food during your train journey! AtYatriBhojan (an official IRCTC E-catering Partner), we understand the joy of group travel and the importance of a satisfying meal. That's why we offer a hassle-free solution for your Group Food Order in Train. Whether you're traveling with a big family or a group of friends, our online platform allows you to conveniently Order Bulk Food Online.

Delight your taste buds with YatriBhojan, your trusted IRCTC E-catering partner. Our FSSAI-certified restaurant partners deliver Jain, pure veg and non-vegetarian group food, ensuring a satisfying journey for all.

Say goodbye to the stress of coordinating individual meals and embrace the convenience of Yatri Bhojan, where we cater to your group's hunger needs with delicious and wholesome food options. So, sit back, relax, and let the excitement of the journey begin, knowing thatthe culinary delights on board are taken care of by YatriBhojan.

YatriBhojan: Your one-stop platform for delicious, convenient, and affordable food in train!

Why Order Group Food in Train from YatriBhojan- Top 13 Reasons Which make us Best Caters

1. Meeting taste preferences and special concerns:

Whether you have dietary concerns like diabetes or high blood pressure, YatriBhojan strives to meet your specific requirements and offer food options suitable for you.

2. ISO Certified:

Elevate your group dining experience with ISO-certified food orders. Enjoy quality meals, meeting international standards, ensuring a safe and satisfying journey for everyone on board."

3. Wide range of food choices:

From indulgent pizzas to scrumptious non-veg meals, YatriBhojan ensures that every craving is satisfied with their diverse menu options.

4. Fresh, hot, and hygienically packed meals:

YatriBhojan guarantees the quality of their food. Each meal is delivered fresh, hot, and hygienically packed, ensuring a delightful dining experience on the train.

5. Effortless Convenience:

Simplify your journey with YatriBhojan's online group food ordering. No more hassles - we make group dining on trains easy and enjoyable.

6. Customized Service:

We understands the unique needs of group travelers and provides customized services to ensure a seamless dining experience for everyone.

7. Top Restaurants:

YatriBhojan collaborates with top restaurants (FSSAI-certified) to bring delicious and high-quality food to your train journey, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience for the entire group.

8. Affordable Prices:

We offers affordable prices for group order services, making it convenient and budget-friendly for everyone in the group.

9. Quality Assured:

Rest easy knowing our commitment to delivering high-quality, hygienic meals for your group.

10. On-Time Delivery:

YatriBhojan ensures punctual delivery of bulk meals, prioritizing your journey's timely enjoyment with reliable service for a seamless and delightful travel experience.

11. User-Friendly Ordering:

Our intuitive platform makes ordering group food in trains a breeze. A few clicks, and delightful dining experience provided by us to our coustmer.

12. Exclusive Discounts:

Enjoy cost-effective group travel with YatriBhojan's special discounts on bulk orders. providing quality.

13. Avoid Disappointment's

By offering a variety of options on their menu, YatriBhojan ensures that no one in the group gets disappointed, catering to various preferences and dietary requirements.

Let's transform your train safar into a feast with YatriBhojan -Order bulk food online for groups, family, and friends, making every journey memorable!

Order Food for Group Traveler's in Train by YatriBhojan Why We

YatriBhojan is the trusted e-catering service for group travelers on trains. Our platform offers a seamless online food ordering experience, allowing passengers to customize and order delicious meals for the entire group. Benefit from our tailored group order services, ensuring hot, fresh, and affordable food delivered right to your seats from top restaurants. With a diverse menu, we guarantee satisfaction for every passenger.

YatriBhojan has earned the trust of passengers through its extensive network of over 2000 FSSAI-certified restaurant partners. Having successfully delivered food in more than 7000 trains, the platform boasts a remarkable milestone of serving over 100 million meals. With a presence at 750-plus stations, YatriBhojan's expansive network ensures reliability and accessibility for passengers across diverse travel routes. The FSSAI certification guarantees the quality and safety of the food provided, instilling confidence among passengers. YatriBhojan's commitment to excellence, widespread reach, and a proven track record make it the preferred choice for those seeking a trustworthy and satisfying dining experience during their train journeys.

Choose YatriBhojan to make your group journey a culinary delight, providing convenience and quality dining on the go.


Elevate your group travel experience with YatriBhojan - where convenience, variety, and quality come together for a memorable train journey!

How to Order Group Food in Train

YatriBhojan excels in group food orders! Simply follow our easy steps to elevate your travel dining experience. Enjoy convenience, quality, and a variety of delicious options at affordable prices.


8 Easy Steps to Order Group Food in Train

To order group food in the train with YatriBhojan, follow these steps:

1. Visit YatriBhojan Website:

Navigate to the "Group Order" tab.

2. Fill Enquiry Form:

Provide name, mobile number, and PNR of any passenger in the group.

3. Specify Food Choices:

Detail preferences in the message query field.

4. Submit & Await Callback:

Wait for a YatriBhojan representative to get in touch.

5. Confirm Details:

Discuss traveler count, menu, journey specifics, pricing and discount during the callback.

6. Online Payment:

Securely pay 40% online to confirm your bulk food order.

7. Timely Delivery:

Receive your bulk order seamlessly as it's delivered directly to your train seat at the designated station.

8. Cash Payment:

Pay the remaining 60% in cash to the delivery executive. Let's enjoy the delightful meal with your group on the train!

Most Common Types of Traveler Groups on Trains

1. Pilgrims:

Facilitating spiritual journeys with nourishing meals.

2. Educational Tours:

Catering to groups of students and teachers with educational sustenance.

3. Family Functions & Weddings:

Ensuring seamless food delivery for celebratory train travels.

4. Corporate Groups:

Offering convenient dining solutions for business trips.

5. Jain Community:

Providing specialized Jain food options for dietary preferences.

6. Armed Forces, Senior Citizens, Govt. Organizations:

Supporting diverse groups with our tailored food services. Trust YatriBhojan for a delightful journey with delectable group dining experiences.

YatriBhojan stands as the top choice for every group's train travel culinary needs. Our commitment to passenger satisfaction has propelled us to the forefront of train catering services. Recognized as a leading provider, passengers rank us as their number one preference. We take pride in offering exceptional group food services, ensuring that every gathering experiences the finest in-train dining with YatriBhojan.


Elevate Your Group Train Journey with Our Exclusive Group Food Ordering!

Online Group Order in Train - Travel Agents, Tour Operators, and Food Organisers

Attention travel agents, tour operators, and food organizers! Unlock a seamless journey with our exclusive bulk food orders in trains. Delight in the assurance of our experienced team and extensive food partner network that sets us apart. Contact us at +91 76060 03702, share your food requirements, and let us orchestrate a culinary experience that complements your travel plans. Your satisfaction is our priority - call us now and savor the ease of stress-free group travel dining.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bulk Food Order

Q: Why do some people prefer group travel over solo travel?

A: Group travel is often favored for several reasons.First of all, it shows to be economical as expenses, particularly accommodation costs, are shared among the group members. Additionally, group travel offers a social aspect, providing opportunities to make new friends and socialize throughout the journey. Furthermore, the collective presence of a group can enhance the overall safety and ease of the trip. Particularly on long journeys, the shared costs and shared experiences make group travel an economical and rewarding choice.

Q: What is a Group Order with YatriBhojan's specialized train food delivery service?

A: A Group Order with YatriBhojan involves ordering food in bulk for train journeys, where any order totaling Rs. 2,000 or more qualifies for this service. This system is designed to streamline the process, allowing travelers to conveniently order food for the entire group, ensuring a hassle-free experience and enabling everyone to make the most of their trip.

Q: How can I avail the group order facility with YatriBhojan's train food delivery service?

A: To avail the group order facility, you can either call us at +91 76060 03702, fill out the group order form for a representative to contact you, or directly place your group food order through our website. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience for your group's food requirements during the train journey.

Q: What is the minimum order amount required for a group order with YatriBhojan?

A: A group order is established when the total order amount surpasses Rs. 2,000. It is essential to have a valid PNR number, which will be verified before confirming your order. This ensures that group orders are eligible for YatriBhojan's specialized services tailored for group travelers.

Q: Is there an advance booking time for placing group food orders with YatriBhojan for train journeys?

A: Yes, we accept orders submitted a minimum of 1 hour before the designated station. Additionally, you have the option to book your order up to 1 month in advance. This advanced booking allows us to better coordinate the feasibility of desired food items, quantities, location, and pricing for a smoother and more tailored service.

Q: What are the available hours to book a group food order with YatriBhojan?

A: You can book your group food order via our website or call at +91 76060 03702 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Orders are processed and responded to during these hours. Additionally, feel free to call us within working hours for any queries or changes to your order, ensuring a smooth and responsive service for your group's food requirements.

Q: How much do I need to pay in advance for a group food order?

A: You are required to pay only 40% of your order amount at the time of booking. The remaining amount can be settled in cash upon the delivery of your food by our executive.

Q: How can I cancel my food order during the train journey?

A: To cancel your order, call our customer support at +91 76060 03702, stating the reason for cancellation, and our team will assist you promptly.

Q: What payment options are available for ordering food with YatriBhojan?

A: We accept Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking, Wallets, UPI, Paytm, Freecharge, and PayUMoney for the 40% advance payment. The remaining 60% can be paid in cash upon delivery to our executive.

Q: Can I order customized and pure veg food?

A: Absolutely! You can order customized and pure veg food for your group by calling us at +91 76060 03702 . Our commitment is to bring the best food to your seat, ensuring a satisfying dining experience during your train journey.

Q: What food options does YatriBhojan offer for group travelers?

A: YatriBhojan provides a diverse range of food options for group travelers, including Jain food, Sattvic food, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian options. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we aim to cater to the varied preferences of our customers, ensuring a satisfying dining experience during your journey.

Q: What variety of thali does YatriBhojan offer for group passengers?

A: YatriBhojan caters to the diverse preferences of group passengers with a range of meal options. This includes the Deluxe Thali, Maharaja Thali, Mini Veg Thali, and a variety of non-vegetarian thalis for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. For vegetarian choices, there are different options like Poha Veg, each offering unique flavors and combinations. Non-vegetarian options include various chicken varieties to satisfy the taste preferences of every group member.

Q: What is included in the Deluxe Thali and Maharaja Thali for group passengers?

A: The Deluxe Thali and Maharaja Thali offer a comprehensive and sumptuous dining experience for group passengers. These thalis typically include a mix of appetizers, main courses, assorted bread, rice, side dishes, and desserts, providing a diverse and fulfilling meal.

Q: How does the Group Food Order process work on YatriBhojan?

A: After receiving group orders from a specific train number and coach, our chosen food partners meticulously prepare meal boxes tailored to the group's requirements. These boxes are packed with utmost hygiene and entrusted to our efficient food delivery executives for timely delivery. To prevent any delivery issues, our executives are pre-informed about your coach and berth numbers. With a vast network of FSSAI licensed food partners, YatriBhojan is committed to delivering the food you desire, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for group travellers.