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Order Jain Food in Train - YatriBhojan Deliver Pure Sattvic Jain Food to Your Train Seat

In a world where food is often an integral part of travel, the Jain community has traditionally faced challenges in finding suitable and satisfying options that adhere to their strict dietary principles. However, with the emergence of YatriBhojan (an official IRCTC E-catering Partner), these challenges have been effectively addressed, providing a seamless solution for Jain passengers seeking delectable, purely vegetarian options. Gone are the days of compromise; now, the Jain community can effortlessly contact YatriBhojan or place orders for Jain food in train, ensuring a journey filled not only with comfort but also with the authentic flavors of Jain cuisine. The essence of YatriBhojan lies in its commitment to providing a speciality - a delightful array of Pure Jain food that caters to the unique dietary needs of the Jain community, turning train travel into a culinary voyage of satisfaction and joy.


YatriBhojan: Where Every Bite Speaks of Authenticity and Jain Culinary Brilliance!

Savor Purity: Get Jain Food Delivered from Trusted Jain Restaurant Partner

Indulge in the essence of purity with YatriBhojan's vast network of FSSAI-certified Pure Jain Restaurants. As your culinary companion, YatriBhojan boasts over 2000 restaurant partners, with a substantial number dedicated exclusively to Jain cuisine. Say goodbye to concerns about Jainism food - each partner is carefully selected to ensure authenticity and trust. Your journey just got more delightful with YatriBhojan, your assurance for trusted and Pure Jain food delivery.

Pure Delight on the Rails: Your Gateway to Pure Jain Food Delivery in Trains ( No Onion No Garlic)

Bid farewell to the days of compromising on your dietary choices during train journeys. We offers a delectable variety of Jain food, carefully prepared without onion and garlic. Whether you're looking for a wholesome thali or specific Jain dishes, our menu is tailored to meet your culinary preferences. YatriBhojan, the official e-catering partner of IRCTC, proudly presents a delectable array of Pure Jain Meals, ensuring you savor the authentic flavors of Jain Food without compromising your culinary principles.

With a network spanning over 750 stations and a remarkable delivery record of over 100 million meals, including a significant percentage of Jain food orders, YatriBhojan is your trusted companion for a satisfying and hassle-free culinary adventure on trains. Let us transform your train journeys into a gastronomic retreat, where every bite is a symphony of Pure Jain Flavors.

What Makes Jain Food so Special and Authentic?

Jain Food, a culinary tapestry woven with the threads of non-violence, purity, and harmony, stands out as a unique and authentic wonderful experience. Its adherence to the principles of sattvic cooking, which emphasizes lightness, balance, and wholesomeness, sets it apart from other cuisines, creating a symphony of flavors that nourish both the body and the soul.


Jain Cuisine: A Culinary Journey Rooted in Purity and Harmony


Speciality of Jain Food:

1. Adherence to Ahimsa:

Jain food is rooted in the principle of non-violence, strictly avoiding root vegetables like onions and garlic, which are believed to stimulate the body's lower instincts.


2. Embrace of Sattvic Principles:

Jain cuisine emphasizes sattvic cooking, focusing on fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains, creating a harmonious balance of flavors that promotes well-being.


3. Meticulous Preparation:

Every ingredient in Jain cuisine is carefully selected and prepared with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each dish is a culinary masterpiece.


4. Authentic Flavors:

Jain food offers a diverse array of dishes, each infused with the rich flavors and traditions of Jainism, catering to a wide range of palates.


Sattvic Jain Food:

1. Promotes Purity:

Sattvic Jain food emphasizes purity and cleanliness, ensuring that ingredients are fresh, unblemished, and prepared in a hygienic manner.


2. Balances the Body:

Sattvic cooking aims to create a balance of the three gunas, or qualities, of nature - sattva (purity), rajas (activity), and tamas (inertia) – promoting a sense of well-being.


3. Nourishes the Soul:

Jain cuisine believes that food not only nourishes the body but also influences the mind and spirit. Sattvic food is considered to promote calmness, clarity, and spiritual growth.


Our Pure Jain Sattvic Food restaurant partners embody a steadfast commitment to their Jain principles, creating an environment where the essence of Jainism is intricately woven into every aspect of cooking. Jain Group trust us for Pure Jain food delivery because our chefs uphold the sanctity of their culinary craft by strictly adhering to Jain dietary guidelines. From the selection of ingredients to the cooking process, our kitchens resonate with the purity of Jainism. The meticulous care extends beyond the stoves to our packaging and delivery, ensuring that every step aligns seamlessly with the principles of Jainism. Jainism find reassurance not just in the delectable flavors of our Sattvic food but also in the authenticity of our commitment to providing a dining experience that mirrors the essence of their beliefs.

Jainism on a Plate: What Sets Jain Food Apart?

Jain food stands distinctively as a vegan haven, embracing a philosophy that extends beyond plant-based choices. Rooted in Jainism's ethical principles, it abstains from earth-produced items like onion and garlic to prevent harm to microorganisms. This culinary path is deeply sattvic, emphasizing purity and balance. Jain dietary guidelines extend beyond plant exclusions; a sravaska refrains from wine, flesh, honey, and five udumbara fruits. Root vegetables, eschewed due to their crucial role in plant survival, align with Jain beliefs of non-violence. Jain food encapsulates a harmonious blend of ethics, spirituality, and health, fostering a mindful and compassionate culinary journey.


Jain Food's Journey from Kitchen to Soul!

How to Order Jain Food in Trains Online

Embark on a seamless journey of ordering Jain food in trains with YatriBhojan's online platform. Our FSSAI-certified, Pure Jain food restaurants ensure a culinary experience that aligns with the principles of Jainism.

Steps to Place Jain Food Order in Train through YatriBhojan Website

1. Visit YatriBhojan Website:

Open the YatriBhojan platform and navigate to the "Jain Food" section.


2. Enter PNR Number:

Input your 10-digit PNR number for personalized service.


3. Select Boarding Station:

Choose your boarding station where you want Jain food delivery in the train.


4. Choose Restaurant:

Select a restaurant of your choice from the Diverse available options of Pure Jain food Restaurants.


5. Pick Jain Food:

Explore the menu and select the special Jain thali or any other Jain breakfast, lunch, or dinner option that perfectly aligns with your preferences.


6. Apply Jain Food Coupons:

Optimize your order by applying Jain food coupons for exclusive discounts.


7. Payment Options:

Pay conveniently using cash on delivery or select from various online payment methods such as net banking, UPI, wallets, credit card, or debit card.


8. Confirmation Message:

Receive a confirmation message acknowledging your order.


9. Delivery Confirmation:

Expect a call from the restaurant for final confirmation and details.


10. Contactless Delivery:

Your Jain food will be delivered to your train seat at the chosen boarding station through YatriBhojan's contactless delivery, ensuring a seamless and satisfying culinary experience.

Steps to Place Jain Food Order in Train through Calling YatriBhojan +91 76060 03702


1. Dial the Number:

Begin by dialing the YatriBhojan contact number: +91 76060 03702.


2. Provide Train Details:

Share your train information, including the train number and date of travel.


3. Specify Boarding Station:

Inform the operator about the boarding station where you want the Jain food delivery.


4. Restaurant Options:

Inquire about the available FSSAI-certified Pure Jain food restaurants.


5. Select Jain Meal:

Choose your desired Jain thali or any other Jain meal options.


6. Provide Contact Information:

Share your contact details (e-mail id and valid 10-digit phone number) for order confirmation and updates.


7. Payment Details:

Discuss the payment options with the operator, whether you prefer cash on delivery or online payment before confirming your order.


8. Confirm Order:

Confirm your order with the operator.


9. Receive Confirmation:

Await a confirmation message and call from YatriBhojan FSSAI-certified restaurant with your order details.


10. Delivery Process:

A YatriBhojan delivery person will ensure contactless delivery of your Jain food directly to your train seat at the specified boarding station.

Top 10 Most Popular Jain Food Items

In the realm of Jain food delivery in trains, discerning consumers are increasingly turning to the top 10 favorites that exemplify the essence of Jain culinary delights.

YatriBhojan, an authozied official IRCTC e-catering partner, has joined hands with FSSAI-certified Pure Jain food restaurants to bring an unparalleled culinary experience to train travelers. This collaboration ensures that passengers receive a taste of authenticity and purity right in the comfort of their train compartments. From stringent quality standards to a commitment to delivering delectable vegetarian fare, YatriBhojan redefine the landscape of train dining, offering a journey filled with flavors that meet the highest standards of food safety and authenticity.

Train Travel, Jain Flavor: The Hottest 10 Jain Food Picks in High Demand


1. Moong Soup - A Nutrient-Rich Elixir:

Commencing the culinary journey is the Moong Soup, a wholesome bowl of goodness. Packed with nutrients, it is a preferred choice for health-conscious travelers seeking a light and nourishing start to their journey.


2. Corn Korma - A Jain Twist to Richness:

For those desiring a flavorful yet Jain-friendly curry, Corn Korma takes center stage. This dish seamlessly combines the richness of korma with the purity of Jain culinary principles.


3. Jain Vadapav - Street Food Icon, Jain Style:

Jain Vadapav brings the street food fervor to train journeys, offering a delightful and Jain-friendly twist to the iconic snack. This handheld delight is a favorite among those craving a taste of Mumbai's street food charm.


4. Jain Handvo - Wholesome Goodness in Every Slice:

Jain Handvo, epitomizes the wholesome goodness of Jain cuisine. Packed with vegetables and spices, it's a satiating and flavorsome choice for discerning travelers.


5. Paneer Paratha - Stuffed Bliss for Jain Palates:

Stuffed with the richness of paneer, the Paneer Paratha caters to those yearning for a filling and satisfying meal. It's a perfect choice for those who appreciate the combination of simplicity and taste.


6. Dhokla - Fluffy Steamed Delight:

Dhokla, a steamed and spongy delicacy, adds a touch of Gujarati culinary finesse to the menu. Light on the stomach yet full of flavor, it has become a sought-after choice among travelers.


7. Jaini Tendli Bhaat - The Elegant Tangle of Flavors:

Jaini Tendli Bhaat, a tantalizing blend of rice and tendli (ivy gourd), offers a symphony of flavors. Its simplicity combined with authentic taste makes it a beloved choice for Jain food enthusiasts.


8. Jain Vegetables Pulao - A Medley of Purity:

Prepared with precision, Jain Vegetables Pulao showcases a medley of fresh vegetables and aromatic spices. It offers a delightful and nourishing choice for individuals in search of a fulfilling and well-rounded meal.


9. Jain Pav Bhaji - Mumbai's Favorite, Jain-Style:

Jain Pav Bhaji puts a unique spin on the popular street food, offering the iconic mix of spiced vegetables without onions and garlic. It's a flavorful delight for those with a penchant for savory indulgence.


10. Baked Chaklis - Crunchy Delight for the Journey:

Ending the gastronomic voyage are Baked Chaklis, providing a crunchy and guilt-free snack. These spiral treats offer a perfect blend of taste and health, making them an ideal companion for the travel-weary.


Yatri Bhojan takes pride in presenting a selection of 10 popular Jain food choices that go beyond merely satisfying hunger—they redefine the entire train dining experience. Each bite from these carefully curated options reflects the rich authenticity and purity ingrained in Jain food traditions. By bringing these culinary delights on board, Yatri Bhojan aims to elevate train dining to a realm where every meal becomes a journey into the genuine flavors and traditions of Jain cuisine.

Benefits of using YatriBhojan for Order Jain Food in Train


1. Simple Ordering Process:

YatriBhojan streamlines the process of ordering Jain food in trains, ensuring a hassle-free experience for passengers.


2. Hygiene Packed:

The commitment to hygiene is paramount. YatriBhojan ensures that every Jain food order is impeccably packed, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.


3. Punctual Deliveries:

With a focus on time delivery services, YatriBhojan ensures that your Jain food reaches to you on-time, enhancing the overall travel experience.


4. Extensive Station Coverage:

Operating in over 750 stations, YatriBhojan brings Jain culinary delights to your train berth, making train dining convenient and accessible across a wide network.


5. Secure Packaging:

Say goodbye to food leakages during transit. YatriBhojan employs secure packaging methods to preserve the freshness and integrity of your Jain meals.


6. Effortless Payments:

Making payments for your Jain food orders is seamless and convenient, adding another layer of ease to your travel experience.


7. Diverse Jain Menu Options:

YatriBhojan offers a diverse menu of Jain food choices, catering to various preferences and ensuring a delightful culinary journey for every passenger.


YatriBhojan: Your Gateway to Effortless Jain Train Dining

Contact us For Pure Jain food in train

Feel free to reach out to us for an unparalleled Jain food experience during your train journey. YatriBhojan is dedicated to offering top-notch food delivery services, emphasizing quality, convenience, and affordability. When you find yourself aboard a train and craving a satisfying meal, opt for YatriBhojan to enjoy the excellence of Jain food delivery. You're in for a delightful experience! Contact us today to elevate your train dining with the Best Jain Food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Jain Food in Train from YatriBhojan:

1. What is Jain Food?

Jain food strictly adheres to the principles of Jainism, excluding onions, garlic, and root vegetables. It emphasizes simplicity, purity, and a balanced vegetarian diet.

2. How to Book Food in a Running Train?

Booking food on a running train with YatriBhojan is convenient. Simply visit the YatriBhojan website, enter your PNR, select your preferred Jain dishes, and complete the order. You can also call on our toll free number +91 76060 03702 to place orders.

3. What Jain Food is Available in Trains?

YatriBhojan offers a diverse menu of Jain options, including Jain thalis, snacks like Jain vadapav, and main courses like Jain paneer dishes.

4. Does Rajdhani Serve Jain Food?

Yes, YatriBhojan provides Jain food services in Rajdhani trains, offering passengers a range of authentic Jain dishes.

5. Can I Get Jain Food in Train at Surat or Ahmedabad?

Absolutely! YatriBhojan delivers Jain food to numerous stations, including Surat and Ahmedabad. You can place your order with ease.

6. How to Cancel a Food Order?

Cancelling a food order with YatriBhojan is simple. To cancel your order on the YatriBhojan website, navigate to the cancellation page and follow the outlined process. Alternatively, you can call us on our toll-free number at +91 76060 03702. Please provide your order ID and state the reason for cancellation to complete the process.

7. How to Book Jain Thali on Train from YatriBhojan by Call?

To book your preferred Jain thali with YatriBhojan, simply contact their customer support helpline at +91 76060 03702. Share your PNR with the representative, and they will assist you in placing your order seamlessly.

8. Is Jain Food Available in All Trains?

YatriBhojan strives to provide Jain food services on a wide range of trains, offering passengers the option to enjoy Jain cuisine during their journey.

9. Can I Order Jain Food at Any Station?

Yes, YatriBhojan delivers Jain food to a vast network of stations, allowing passengers to order Jain meals from various locations.

10. Is Pure Jain Food More Expensive Than Regular Food?

The pricing of pure Jain food from YatriBhojan is competitive and transparent, ensuring that passengers receive quality Jain meals at reasonable rates.

11. Is Jain Food Delivery in Train Hygienic?

YatriBhojan places a high emphasis on hygiene. The food is securely packed to maintain cleanliness during transit, ensuring a hygienic and safe dining experience for passengers.

12. Can I Get a Special Discount on Jain Group Food Orders?

Yes, YatriBhojan offers special discounts on Jain group food orders. Contact our customer support to inquire about group booking discounts. And explore YatriBhojan's website to stay informed about the latest offers and discounts available.

13. Is the Discount Applicable to All Jain Food Items?

Group order discounts usually apply to a variety of Jain food items on the menu. Check with our customer support for the specific items eligible for discounts.

14. How Do I Avail the Order Discount?

To avail the order discount, contact our customer support when placing the order. They will guide you through the process and provide information on available discounts. Visit YatriBhojan's website to discover the latest ongoing offers.

15. Is It Mandatory to Pre-book Jain Food in train?

Certainly! Pre-booking with YatriBhojan is a recommended practice to secure availability and guarantee your preferred Jain meals for the train journey. However, for those who decide on-the-spot, YatriBhojan accommodates orders up to 1 hour before the scheduled boarding time. This flexibility ensures that whether you plan ahead or make spontaneous decisions, YatriBhojan strives to meet your Jain food preferences and provide a satisfying dining experience during your train journey.

16. How Can I Track My Jain Food Orders in Train?

You can easily track your Jain food orders by using the YatriBhojan website. Enter your PNR, and the tracking feature will provide real-time updates on your order status.

17. How Do I Pay for My Jain Food Order?

YatriBhojan offers various payment options for Jain food orders, including online payment through the website. Choose the method that suits you best, whether it's credit/debit cards, net banking, or digital wallets. Cash on delivery (COD) is an option with YatriBhojan. Simply pay the YatriBhojan delivery boy upon the successful delivery of your order.

18. Are Online Transactions for Jain Food Orders Secure?

Yes, YatriBhojan ensures secure online transactions for food orders. The platform employs encryption and follows industry standards to safeguard your payment information.

19. What Happens If I Face Issues with the Online Payment Process?

In case of any issues with the online payment process, YatriBhojan's customer support is ready to assist you. Contact them for guidance or alternative payment options.