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YatriBhojan - Your On-Track Foodie Companion!

A journey where every bite is an adventure, and the tracks transform into a trail of tantalizing flavors. That's the thrill YatriBhojan brings to your train travel! Imagine savoring mouthwatering dishes delivered right to your seat, making your journey a delectable expedition.

It's more than just food; it's a voyage into a world of taste. With YatriBhojan, every meal is an opportunity to turn your train journey into a culinary escapade. From the classics to regional specialties, our diverse menu promises excitement in every dish.

Ready to Add Flavor to Your Journey?

Adventure awaits at YatriBhojan! Try our food delivery in trains service, and let the tracks become your gastronomic playground. Because when it comes to food in trains, YatriBhojan is not just a service; it's an experience worth savoring. Don't miss out - hop aboard and let the adventure begin!


YatriBhojan - Your Culinary Express:

Say goodbye to limited choices and hello to a world of diverse cuisines available at your fingertips. YatriBhojan ensures a hassle-free ordering process, making it easy for passengers to indulge in a delightful dining experience on the go.


Freshness Guaranteed, Variety Assured:

Gone are the days of compromising on taste and freshness. With YatriBhojan, we guarantee not only delicious but also FSSAI-approved food delivered straight to your seat. Your journey has become much more delicious!


Irresistible Variety:

Choose from a variety of cuisines ranging from North Indian and Chinese to Italian, Jain, Mughlai, South Indian, and Continental. Don't worry about missing home flavors; our menu includes regional delicacies that bring the comfort of home to your train berth.


Prominent Partnerships:

Embark on a culinary journey with renowned names like Haldirams and Moti Mahal restaurants. Whether you crave a hearty breakfast, a sumptuous dinner, a quick lunch, or delightful snacks, YatriBhojan ensures you have the best options available.

Endless Alternatives, No Compromises:

YatriBhojan believes in offering you a variety of choices. From mouth-watering combos to aromatic biryanis and tempting Chinese delights, we cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, ensuring there's something for every plate.


On-Track Excellence:

Sit back, relax, and await your culinary delight as YatriBhojan promises seamless delivery to your train seat. No unnecessary hassles, just the pleasure of savoring your favorite meal at your selected station on your seat.


YatriBhojan- Beyond the Journey:

We are not just a food delivery service; we are your food-in-train companion, adding flavor to your train travel experience. Say no to limitations and embrace a world of choices with YatriBhojan- where every bite is a journey in itself.

Embark on a culinary adventure with YatriBhojan and transform your train journey into a feast of flavors! Get it today and enjoy the delight of your taste buds!

Why Food in Train from Yatribhojan?

Unlock a Safer, Tastier Journey with Yatri Bhojan!

In a world of choices, why compromise on safety and taste? Ordering food online through Yatri Bhojan's official IRCTC e-catering partner services emerges as the smarter choice compared to the questionable hygiene of pantry car offerings. Recent revelations from esteemed food safety bodies, coupled with rising complaints, have underscored the concerns surrounding pantry car food, & stall food.


YatriBhojan- Elevating Your Train Dining Experience!

Hygienic Food Delivered to Your Train Seat

Say goodbye to concerns about hygiene! YatriBhojan brings you delectable and fresh food prepared by FSSAI-certified top restaurants, ensuring a clean and healthy journey.

When your train pulls into the station, a world of delectable experiences awaits you. YatriBhojan ensures that from the choicest restaurants, your seat becomes the epicenter of flavor and freshness. Our premium restaurant partners, all FSSAI-approved, meticulously adhere to the highest standards of culinary excellence. Every dish is prepared in a hygienic and pristine kitchen, promising not just a tasteful indulgence but a wholesome treat for your health. So, as you embark on your journey, let YatriBhojan redefine your travel palate - where health meets taste in every delightful bite!


Flavorful Food in train at 750+ Stations across India

Imagine a journey where every station is a culinary destination. YatriBhojan, with its ever-expanding presence, has transformed the dream of relishing hot and delectable food on trains into a reality at 750+ stations across India. With a robust network of 2000+ e-catering partners, we've etched our culinary footprint from New Delhi to Ahmedabad, ensuring that, no matter the route, your desired station becomes a hub of gastronomic delight.

YatriBhojan has not just delivered meals; we've crafted experiences that touch the heart. Having successfully served 100 million meals, we take pride in satisfying taste buds on the go. From the bustling Howrah to the vibrant Mumbai, our commitment to redefine food in trains resonates in every flavorful bite.

The journey doesn't stop here. As we continue to grow, our goal is to reach every railway station in India. YatriBhojan isn't just a service; it's a journey of affection, where each station becomes a moment to savor.


Culinary Diversity for Every Plate

Tired of the same old limited pantry car options during your train journey? YatriBhojan is here to revolutionize your dining experience! Unlike pantry cars with restricted choices, our online food ordering platform opens up a world of options, ensuring no passenger is left disappointed.

YatriBhojan boasts tie-ups with top restaurants, presenting a diverse menu that caters to every taste bud. Whether you crave Biryani, Pizza, Veg and Non-Veg Thali, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Pure Veg, Non-Veg, Jain Food, or more, our menu is a culinary symphony.

We understand that taste preferences vary, so we've curated a menu that satisfies the palate of every age group on the train. From savory classics to regional specialties, YatriBhojan ensures your journey is not just a ride but a delightful exploration of flavors.

Hello to Yatribhojan, which satisfies the tastes of every age group on the train!


Collaborates with FSSAI-Approved Catering Partners.

Safety first! YatriBhojan partners exclusively with FSSAI-approved service providers to ensure the highest standards of food safety. Relax and relish your journey, knowing your health is our priority.

Every dish you savor meets the highest standards of food safety, ensuring a worry-free culinary experience. We understand the importance of fresh and healthy food during your journey. Our vigilant approach guarantees that, at every station, you receive meals that not only tantalize your taste buds but also contribute to your overall well-being.


Taste the Regions on Your Plate

YatriBhojan caters to your cravings by offering an array of regional delicacies. Indulge in the diverse flavors of India at any station nationwide. Whether it's Punjab's specialties, Bengal's delights, Rajasthan's richness, Gujarat's flavors, Bihar's treats, Maharashtra's classics, Odisha's finesse, or more, savor your favorite local cuisines onboard Indian Railways with YatriBhojan.

Indulge in the flavors of India! YatriBhojan makes regional food choices available at every station. Whether it's Bihar's regional famous food Litti Chokha in Kanpur or fresh Dhokla in Chennai, we strive to fulfill your regional cravings.


Seamless Delivery to Your Train Seat

No hassle, just joy! Our delivery team guarantees contactless food delivery on trains, bringing your meal directly to your seat. Sit back, relax, and await culinary delight as the train pulls into your selected station.


Customer Support at Your Fingertips

Have more cravings or need assistance? Yatri Bhojan's customer support is ready to address your needs promptly. Your satisfaction is our commitment. Ready to Elevate Your Train Journey? For orders and inquiries, reach out to us at [email protected]. Place your food order effortlessly at or connect with us directly at +91 76060 03702 between 7 AM to 10 PM. Let YatriBhojan transform your travel into a never-forgettable adventure!

How Does YatriBhojan Food Delivery in Train Work?

Effortless and efficient, Yatri Bhojan's food delivery system is fully automated. Anyone holding a valid PNR number and confirmed ticket can effortlessly order food onboard.

Food in Trains - Order Food in 7000+ Trains

YatriBhojan transforms your train journey into a gourmet experience, providing impeccable online food delivery in over 7000 trains across India. Whether you're aboard the Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Tejas Express, or any other train, indulging in delectable meals is effortless with YatriBhojan. Our commitment to enhancing your travel extends to every track, ensuring that, no matter the route, you have access to a diverse and delightful menu. With YatriBhojan, savoring mouthwatering cuisine on the go becomes an integral part of your journey.

Delicious & Hygienic Food Delivery in Non-Pantry and Pantry Trains

YatriBhojan revolutionizes dining on the rails, bridging the gap between the pantry and non-pantry trains. While 342 pairs lack pantry cars, YatriBhojan extends its online food delivery services to over 7000 pairs of trains. Rest easy knowing that, whether aboard a pantry-equipped or non-pantry train, relishing gourmet meals at your seat is a YatriBhojan guarantee. Embrace the ease of online food delivery, making your train journey a delectable experience, no matter the route, with YatriBhojan.

Order your favorite food with Train Name or Train Number

YatriBhojan streamlines your train journey experience with an easy food ordering process. Just input your Train Name or Train Number and Date of Journey, and YatriBhojan efficiently fetches your details. Select your boarding station, browse a diverse menu from different restaurants, and seamlessly place your order online. Group food orders are also available on, offering a variety of Jain to South Indian to North Indian cuisine. To place an order, contact +91 76060 03702 between 7 AM to 10 PM.

Food Delivery to 750+ Railway Stations Across India

Experience convenient train food delivery in major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and more, spanning 750+ stations nationwide with Yatribhojan. Choose from a variety of local cuisines or indulge in your favorite food items while traveling. As we continue to expand our services to more stations, our goal is to surpass the remarkable record of 100 million food deliveries. YatriBhojan is setting new standards in railway dining.

How to Order Food in Trains Using YatriBhojan?

To order food in trains using YatriBhojan, follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Visit the official website of Yatribhojan (
  • STEP 2: Enter your 10-digit PNR number or Train Name/Number and Boarding Date.
  • STEP 3: Choose the Boarding Stations for food delivery.
  • STEP 4: Browse through the list of restaurants and select your preferred food items.
  • STEP 5: Make payment online via Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking, or digital wallet. Alternatively, choose "Cash on Delivery."
  • STEP 6: Wait at your seat, and your food order will be delivered on time.

Dine On Rails with Ease: Call YatriBhojan at +91 76060 03702 for Food Delivery in Train

  • STEP 1: Call YatriBhojan Customer Care: Dial +91 76060 03702 for assistance and food orders.
  • STEP 2: Confirmation Message: Upon placing your order, expect a confirmation message.
  • STEP 3: Track Your Order: Use the provided Order ID on Yatribhojan's Track Food Order Status page.**
  • STEP 4: On-Time Delivery: Relax, your food will be delivered to your seat promptly.
  • STEP 5: Cash on Delivery: Pay conveniently upon delivery and enjoy your meal on the train.

From Click to Cuisine: How Online Food Order in Trains Works?


STEP 1: User Request Submission:

  • User initiates a food order by entering PNR number, Train Name, or Number.
  • The request is promptly sent to our backend team for confirmation.

STEP 2: Verification Process:

  • PNR number and passenger details are cross-checked for accuracy.
  • Upon successful verification, the order is accepted for further processing.

STEP 3: Order Notification:

  • YatriBhojan sends a notification to the designated restaurant partner at the relevant station.
  • Simultaneously, a notification is dispatched to the customer, confirming the acceptance of their order.

STEP 4: Verification Call by Restaurant:

  • The restaurant, upon receiving the order details, verifies the order by contacting the passenger directly.

STEP 5: Hygienic Food Preparation:

  • Food is prepared with meticulous care, ensuring hygiene and quality standards are followed.
  • The prepared food items are appropriately packed to maintain freshness and safety.

STEP 6: Delivery Preparation:

  • The confirmed order is handed over to one of our delivery executives for prompt dispatch.

STEP 7: Customer Notification and Delivery:

  • The customer is notified about the order dispatch.
  • Delivery is carried out efficiently, ensuring the food reaches the passenger on time and in optimal condition.


Types of Food in Trains You Can Order with YatriBhojan

YatriBhojan offers a diverse range of delectable options for food delivery on trains. For those craving a hearty Thali experience, there's a variety to choose from, including Standard Thali, Mini Thali, Maharaja Thali, Combo Thali, Deluxe Thali, and more.

Biryani enthusiasts can indulge in different varieties and combos, such as Hyderabadi Biryani, Egg Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Paneer Biryani, Veg Biryani, and Biryani Combos accompanied by Raita and Cold Drink.

Pizza lovers have a treat with options like Veg Pizza, Chicken Pizza, Paneer Pizza, and customizable pizzas with a variety of toppings.

Pure veg delights encompass a wide array of dishes representing various regions of India. From Aloo Tikki, Chaat, and Chana Masala to Dum Aloo, Poha, Gajar ka Halwa, and an assortment of curries like Kadhai Paneer and Shahi Paneer, the menu is extensive. There's also a selection of breakfast items, snacks, and desserts like Gulab Jamun and Momo.

For non-vegetarians, the offerings include Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken 65, Mutton Korma, and a host of other mouth-watering dishes.

Jain food enthusiasts can relish Paneer Tikka Masala, Pav Bhaji, Sev Tameta, Jain Thali, and various Jain Food Combos.

For group orders, there are discounts available, ensuring a satisfying and economical dining experience. Additionally, passengers can order their favorite beverages, including Tea, Coffee, and Cold Drinks.

The menu covers all meal times, from Breakfast to Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner. Special occasions like birthdays can be celebrated on the train with the option to order cakes. For those traveling with infants, there's the convenience of ordering milk from restaurants is convenient.

YatriBhojan also offers combo meals with attractive discounts, providing a wholesome and budget-friendly dining experience for train travelers.

Why Choose YatriBhojan for E-Catering Services in Trains?


1. Convenience on the Go:

YatriBhojan's e-catering services liberate passengers from the hassle of carrying food from home, offering a convenient solution for on-the-go dining needs.


2. Quality Assurance:

Say goodbye to compromising on taste and quality. YatriBhojan eliminates the need to settle for poor-quality pantry food, ensuring a delightful culinary experience during your train journey.


3. Fresh Alternatives:

With YatriBhojan, there's no need to resort to buying stale food from station food stalls. Passengers can enjoy fresh and hygienically prepared meals delivered directly to their seats.


4. Extensive Menu Choices:

YatriBhojan provides a diverse menu catering to various preferences, offering a range of cuisines and dishes to suit different tastes and dietary requirements.


5. Customization Options:

Passengers have the flexibility to customize their orders, choosing from a variety of meals, ensuring a personalized and satisfying dining experience.


6. Hygienic Food Practices:

YatriBhojan prioritizes hygiene in food preparation, ensuring that all meals are cooked and packed under stringent quality control measures, and ensuring a safe and hygienic dining experience for passengers.


7. Effortless Ordering Process:

YatriBhojan's user-friendly platform makes the food ordering process seamless and hassle-free, allowing passengers to focus on enjoying their journey while their culinary preferences are taken care of.

Top 9 Benefits of Online Food Orders in Trains Using YatriBhojan


1. Hot and Fresh Delights:

Enjoy the luxury of hot and fresh meals delivered directly to your seat, ensuring a delightful dining experience during your train journey.


2. Bulk Order Discounts:

Avail cost-effective dining solutions with YatriBhojan's bulk food order discounts, making it convenient for group travelers to enjoy quality meals at affordable rates.


3. On-time Food Delivery:

YatriBhojan is committed to timely service, ensuring that your selected meals are delivered promptly, allowing you to savor your food without delays.


4. Endless Variety of Culinary Choices:

Indulge in a variety of delicious food options with YatriBhojan, offering a diverse menu to cater to different tastes and preferences for a satisfying onboard dining experience.


5. High-Quality Food:

Relish good-quality food curated from reputable restaurants (FSSAI-certified), ensuring that every bite meets the standards of taste and freshness.


6. Hygienic Packaging:

YatriBhojan prioritizes hygiene by ensuring that all meals are hygienically packed, maintaining the quality and safety of the food from the restaurant to your seat.


7. Affordability at Its Best:

Enjoy pocket-friendly rates with YatriBhojan's online food ordering service, making it a cost-effective choice for passengers seeking quality meals at reasonable prices.


8. Missing Order Assurance:

In case of any missing food orders, YatriBhojan offers a refund policy, ensuring that passengers are compensated for any inconvenience caused, and enhancing the reliability of the service.


9. Customer-Centric Refund Policy:

YatriBhojan's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its refund policy for missing food orders, providing a reassuring aspect to passengers who choose their online food delivery service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why book IRCTC ecatering food in train through yatribhojan?

Yatribhojan offers seamless IRCTC e-catering with a diverse menu. Ordering is effortless, ensuring timely delivery. Enjoy a wide range of hygienic options from FSSAI-approved restaurants, making your train journey delicious and convenient.

2. What are the means of minimum order value and minimum order time for ordering food on train?

  • Minimum Order Value: Ensures the food order value meets a specified amount.
  • Below the minimum value, standard delivery charges apply (e.g., Rs 10 or Rs 20).
  • Minimum Order Time: Represents the minimum processing and delivery time required.
  • Customers must place orders at least the specified time (e.g., 60 minutes) before the desired delivery time.
  • Allows restaurants or hotels to efficiently prepare and deliver orders to your train seat.

3. Can train passengers to pay by any mode of payment for their train food booking?

Certainly! We prioritize customer convenience by providing various payment options, such as:
  • Cash on Delivery: Pay when your food is delivered.
  • Online Payments: Utilize UPI, credit cards, or debit cards for seamless transactions.
  • Mobile Wallets: Make payments effortlessly using popular mobile wallet services. Select the payment method that suits you best for a stress-free railway food ordering experience.

4. Where can customers track their train food order?

To track your train food order with YatriBhojan:
  • 1. Visit the "My Order" page on our platform.
  • 2. Enter your PNR number or register your mobile number.
  • 3. Check order status - confirmed, dispatched, etc.
  • 4. Contact our consumer-centric team at YatriBhojan by calling +91 76060 03702. We're here to assist you with any inquiries or support related to your train food order.
  • 5. Receive order tracking link via SMS and email, including delivery time.
Our commitment is to deliver quality food on train promptly, ensuring a satisfying experience for our customers.

5. What should I do if the food quality does not meet my expectations?

If the food quality doesn't meet your expectations, please follow these steps:
  • 1. Contact us during operational hours (7 am to 10 pm) at +91 76060 03702.
  • 2. Reach out via email at [email protected].
  • 3. Fill out our "Contact Us" form for a callback from our customer care team.
Our dedication lies in quickly addressing any issues and making sure you're satisfied.

6. Can we get a special discount on group food orders in train?

Absolutely! Enjoy exclusive discounts and personalized group train food options when you travel with your group. Simply complete our "Contact Us" form, and our dedicated team will stay in touch with you until your customized order is delivered. Make your group journey delicious and budget-friendly with our special offerings!

7. Can I book food if my train ticket is not confirmed but I have a waiting ticket?

Certainly! Ensure a delightful journey by booking food in train with Yatribhojan. Just have your waiting ticket ready and be present at the specified seat during order placement. We're here to enhance your travel experience with delicious meals delivered right to your train seat.

8. How can I cancel the order if my traveling cancels?

Canceling your order due to changes in your travel plans is simple. Contact us anytime up to 1 hour before the scheduled delivery by calling our customer care at +91 76060 03702 or conveniently fill out our "Contact Us" form.

9. Can I add a new item to my existing confirmed food order in train?

Yes! Enhance your confirmed order by adding new items up to 1 hour before the scheduled delivery. Call us at our registered mobile number +91 76060 03702 or fill out the request call back form. We're here to accommodate your preferences and make your train journey even more satisfying.

10. My order will be delivered or not if an unexpected delay of my train?

Absolutely! Your order will be delivered, even if your train is running late, as long as it arrives during the restaurant's operational hours. Our dedicated team actively monitors train schedules, ensuring timely delivery once the train reaches the station. Your satisfaction is our priority, regardless of any delays.

11. When Will I Get A Refund For Cancelled Orders?

Refund processing for canceled train food orders occurs within 24 hours of the request. After our side completes the process, the refunded amount is credited to the customer's payment source, typically within 7 working days, subject to the bank's processing time. Your satisfaction and financial convenience are our priorities throughout this process.

12. Can I order food on the train without a PNR?

While you can explore food options without a PNR, placing an order on the train requires a valid PNR. Ensure you have your PNR handy when you decide to place your order for a seamless and efficient process.