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Online Food Delivery in Train - YatriBhojan's Seamless Food Delivery in 7000+ Trains

Tired of settling for subpar pantry and station stall food during your train journeys? Say goodbye to those culinary compromises! With just your phone or any other device at your disposal, you can now elevate your dining experience by ordering from YatriBhojan. Renowned as the best food delivery in trains, YatriBhojan ensures a hygienic and contactless food delivery process. Allow us to unveil the brief narrative of YatriBhojan for you.

Once upon a time, in the bustling world of train travel, a magical service called YatriBhojan emerged to revolutionize the way passengers enjoyed their meals on the go. With a mission to provide delicious and hygienic food in trains, YatriBhojan quickly became the official e-catering partner of IRCTC, the Indian Railways' catering and tourism corporation.

Imagine this: You're on a long train journey, feeling hungry and craving a warm, satisfying meal. But the thought of stepping off the train at a station and searching for food seems daunting. That's where YatriBhojan comes to the rescue! With their FSSAI-certified restaurants, they ensure that every meal they deliver is not only scrumptious but also prepared with utmost care and hygiene.

Passengers from all walks of life started connecting with YatriBhojan, eagerly awaiting their food delivery in train. The convenience of ordering a meal right from their seats and having it delivered to them during their journey was a game-changer. No longer did they have to settle for bland train food or compromise on taste. YatriBhojan brought a delightful array of options, catering to various culinary preferences and dietary requirements.

As the word spread about YatriBhojan's exceptional service, more and more passengers began to experience the joy of relishing a delectable meal while traveling. From piping hot biryanis to mouthwatering curries, from wholesome thalis to delightful desserts, YatriBhojan had it all. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction made them the go-to choice for food delivery in train.

With each passing journey, YatriBhojan's story grew, and their reputation soared. Passengers couldn't help but appreciate the convenience, taste, and reliability that YatriBhojan brought to their train travel experience. It was as if a magical bond had formed between YatriBhojan and the train passengers, making their journeys even more memorable and enjoyable.

So, the next time you embark on a train adventure, remember the enchanting tale of YatriBhojan. Let us be your trusted companion, ensuring that every meal you have on the train is a delightful experience. Sit back, relax, and let YatriBhojan take care of your food cravings, as you embark on a journey filled with delectable flavors and cherished memories.

Convenience at Major Railway Hubs with YatriBhojan

YatriBhojan goes beyond limited service; it caters to passengers at major railway hubs, enhancing the travel experience for individuals commuting through prominent stations. Whether your journey begins or concludes at New Delhi (NDLS), Mumbai (BCT), Kolkata (KOAA), Chennai (MAS), Ahmedabad (ADI), Nagpur (NGP), Kanpur (CNB), Bhopal (BPL), Vijaywada (BZA), Vishakhapatnam (VSKP), Indore (IND), Lucknow (LKO), and many more, YatriBhojan ensures that you can conveniently order your favorite meals while onboard. Whether you're traveling for business, leisure, or any other purpose, relish the ease of enjoying a curated dining experience during your train journey, departing from or arriving at these major railway stations.

Best Food Delivery in Train- YatriBhojan: Your Trusted IRCTC E-Catering Partner

Are you tired of compromising on food quality during train journeys? Look no further - YatriBhojan, the ultimate e-catering partner of IRCTC, brings you the best food delivery experience on trains. Here's why we stand out:


1. Extensive Network: 750+ Stations, 2000+ FSSAI-certified Restaurants, 7000+ Trains

  • YatriBhojan boasts a vast network of 2000+ trusted restaurants across 750+ stations.
  • Serving 7000+ trains, we ensure you can relish delicious meals no matter where your journey takes you.

2. ISO Certified Excellence

  • Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO certification, assuring passengers of the highest standards in food safety and hygiene.
  • Travel with peace of mind, knowing that YatriBhojan prioritizes your well-being.

5. Contactless Delivery:

  • In the era of health consciousness, YatriBhojan brings you contactless delivery options.
  • Enjoy food delivery in pantry and non-pantry train right to your seat, minimizing physical contact and ensuring a safe dining experience.

6. Food Delivery in Non-Pantry and Pantry Trains

  • YatriBhojan offers convenient food delivery services for both pantry and non-pantry trains.
  • Delight in a delectable journey with YatriBhojan's hygienically prepared and delivered meals on board.

7. FSSAI Certified E-Catering Partners

  • With 2000+ FSSAI certified e-catering partners, we prioritize the quality and authenticity of the food we deliver.
  • Your health is our priority, and we ensure that our partners adhere to the highest food safety standards.

8. Diversity in Food

  • YatriBhojan presents a delightful thali experience, showcasing India's diverse culinary tapestry with an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.
  • Indulge in the rich tapestry of regional food, savoring authentic flavors curated to perfection, all conveniently delivered to your train compartment.

9. Specialized Diets for Every Palate

  • From Pure Jain food to Sattvic options, and a delightful range of both veg and non-veg food, YatriBhojan caters to every dietary preference.
  • Our menu is carefully crafted to ensure a satisfying journey for all passengers.

10. Group Food Order Convenience

  • Traveling with friends or family? YatriBhojan makes group dining hassle-free.
  • Experience the joy of sharing a meal together, even on the go.

11. All Ages Catered:

  • YatriBhojan understands that tastes vary across age groups.
  • Our menu is designed to cater to the palate of every passenger, from the young to the young at heart.

12. Unmatched Reach and Success:

  • With over 100 million successful food deliveries in trains across India, YatriBhojan has earned the trust of millions of passengers.
  • Join the ever-growing community of satisfied customers who choose us for a delightful culinary journey.

In conclusion, YatriBhojan is not just a food delivery in train service; it's a commitment to enhancing your train travel experience. Join us on a culinary journey that transcends the limitations of train food, making every meal a delightful memory on the tracks. Choose YatriBhojan - where quality meets convenience, and every bite tells a story of excellence.

How Does Food Delivery in Trains Work- 8 Simple Processing Steps


1. Automated Ordering Process:

YatriBhojan streamlines its IRCTC food delivery service through a computerized automated method, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for passengers.


2. User-Friendly Booking:

Passengers can easily book their meals by providing PNR number, Train Name, or Train Number details on the YatriBhojan website.


3. Verification and Confirmation:

The backend system promptly verifies and confirms train details upon entering passenger information, ensuring on-time delivery.


4. Order Processing:

After confirmation, YatriBhojan swiftly sends the order request to their FSSAI-certified top restaurant partners for efficient processing.


5. Transparent Communication:

Simultaneously, passengers receive detailed order message, fostering transparency and keeping them well-informed throughout the process.


6. Confirmation from Restaurant Partners:

YatriBhojan's restaurant partners directly contact the passenger to verify and confirm the order, prioritizing accuracy and customer satisfaction.


7. Hygienic Food Preparation:

Food items are prepared in a hygienic manner by restaurant partners, packed securely in sealed packaging to maintain freshness and quality.


8. Contactless Delivery to your Seat:

YatriBhojan's dedicated delivery personnel ensure that the package is delivered directly to the passenger's train seat, offering convenience and a hassle-free experience.


In summary, YatriBhojan's food delivery in trains adheres to a systematic approach, encompassing order placement, confirmation, preparation, and direct delivery to the passenger's seat. This process guarantees passengers enjoy delicious and hygienic meals during their train journey without any inconvenience.


YatriBhojan: Simplifying Train Journey Dining

Ordering Food Delivery in Train: A Joyful Journey

Embarking on a train journey and craving a delectable meal? YatriBhojan, the official e-catering partner of IRCTC, makes ordering food in trains a breeze.


How to Order Food Delivery in Train via YatriBhojan Website- A Step-by-Step Guide

    Ordering food on trains through the YatriBhojan website is a simple and convenient process. Here are the Step-by-Step Guide to Order Food Delivery in Train via YatriBhojan Websites
  • 1. Visit Website:

    Go to on your web browser.
  • 2. Select Option:

    Choose between Option 1 (PNR number) or Option 2 (Train Name/Number and Boarding Date).
  • 3. Choose Boarding Station:

    Specify the boarding station where you want to receive your meals.
  • 4. Browse Menu:

    Explore the menu featuring breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from various FSSAI-certified restaurants.
  • 5. Add to Cart:

    After completing your selections, add the food items to your cart.
  • 6. Apply Coupons:

    Take advantage of available food in train offers by applying coupons during the checkout process.
  • 7. Payment Method:

    Opt for Cash on Delivery (COD) or make an online payment using the provided payment options.
  • 8. Confirmation:

    After completing the order, expect a confirmation message via SMS and Email.
  • 9. Track Order:

    Monitor your order's progress and estimated delivery time through the website.
  • 10. Enjoy Your Meal:

    Once the delivery guy arrives at your chosen station, relish your hot, fresh, and tasty meals right at your train seat.

How to Order Food Delivery in Train via YatriBhojan Toll-Free Phone Number- In 7 Easy Steps

Certainly! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to Order Food Delivery in Train via YatriBhojan Toll-Free Number +91 76060 03702:


  • 1. Dial the Toll-Free Number:

    Call +91 76060 03702 from your mobile phone.
  • 2. Provide Train Details:

    • Mention your train number.
    • Provide your seat and coach details.
  • 3. Select Food Items:

    • Choose from the menu offered by YatriBhojan.
    • Specify the quantity for each item.
  • 4. Provide Personal Details:

    • Share your name and contact number.
    • Confirm the delivery location within the train.
  • 5. Payment:

    • Confirm the total amount of your order.
    • Follow the payment instructions provided by the operator.
  • 6. Wait for Confirmation:

    Await confirmation message of your order on your registered mobile number.
  • 7. Enjoy Your Meal:

    Receive your food at the designated seat, as confirmed by the YatriBhojan team. Remember to have your train and seat details ready for a smooth ordering process.

How to Track Food Delivery in Train from YatriBhojan: A Step-Wise Guide


Step 1: Place Your Order

  • 1. Visit the YatriBhojan website on your device.
  • 2. Select your train journey and enter your PNR number.
  • 3. Browse the menu and choose your desired meals.
  • 4. Enter your contact information and delivery address such as your train's berth number, train number, passenger name, journey date, boarding station, and coach number.
  • 5. Select a payment method and complete the checkout process.

Step 2: Receive Order Confirmation

  • 1. You will receive an order confirmation SMS or email from YatriBhojan.
  • 2. This confirmation will include your order details, including your unique Order ID.

Step 3: Check Your Order Status

  • 1. Visit the YatriBhojan website (
  • 2. Log in to your account using your registered mobile number or email ID.
  • 3. Click on the "Track Order" option.
  • 4. Enter your Order ID or PNR number.
  • 5. View real-time updates on the status and location of your food delivery.

Step 4: Receive Notifications

  • 1. YatriBhojan may send you SMS or email notifications regarding the status of your order.
  • 2. You will receive a notification when your order is confirmed, when it is out for delivery, and when it has been delivered.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Delivered Meal

  • 1. Once the tracking indicates that your order has reached your train berth, you will receive a notification.
  • 2. Collect your meal from the YatriBhojan representative.
  • 3. Enjoy your hot and fresh meal!

Additional Tips:

  • 1. Make sure you have a valid PNR number when placing your order.
  • 2. Enter your correct contact information and delivery address (accurate seat number and train number).
  • 3. Track your order regularly to get updates on its status.
  • 4. For any inquiries or concerns regarding updates, changes, or other matters related to your food order,


please reach out to YatriBhojan's customer support.

Customer Support:

YatriBhojan customer support can be reached at +91 76060 03702.

How the Food Order Status is Shown-From Placed to Delivered

Once you've placed your order on Yatribhojan and entered your order ID and mobile number, you'll be presented with a visual representation of your order status. This status tracker will keep you updated on the progress of your meal, from placement to delivery.


Order Status Updates:

Order Placed: This indicates that your order has been received and is awaiting confirmation from the restaurant.

Order Accepted: Once the selected restaurant has accepted your order, the status will update to "Order Accepted."

Out for Delivery: When your order is ready to be delivered to your train berth, the status will change to "Out for Delivery."

Delivered: Upon successful delivery of your meal, the status will reflect "Delivered."

By monitoring these order status updates, you can stay informed about the progress of your meal and anticipate its arrival at your train berth. YatriBhojan's order tracking system ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for its customers, allowing them to enjoy their meals with peace of mind.

20 Major Benefits of Ordering Online Food in Trains with YatriBhojan

  • 1. High Food Quality:

    Enjoy top-notch quality meals from FSSAI-approved E-catering restaurants.
  • 2. Hygienic Packaging:

    Your food is packaged with utmost hygiene, ensuring a safe and clean dining experience.
  • 3. Pocket-Friendly Rates:

    Avail cost-effective meal options that cater to various budgets.
  • 4. Refund on Missing Orders:

    Benefit from a refund policy in case of any missing food orders.
  • 5. Diverse Food Options:

    Choose from a wide array of delectable options, including thalis, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, and desserts.
  • 6. Bulk Order Discounts:

    Enjoy discounts on bulk food orders, making it ideal for group travelers.
  • 7. On-Time Delivery at Your Seat:

    Experience prompt and on-time delivery of your food directly to your train seat.
  • 8. Avoid Stale Platform Food:

    Skip buying stale food from platforms with YatriBhojan's fresh and hot meals.
  • 9. No Extra Baggage for Food:

    Travel light without the need to carry extra baggage for storing food items.
  • 10. Avoid Low-Quality Pantry Food:

    Say goodbye to low-quality or monotonous pantry food options during your journey.
  • 11. FSSAI-Certified E-Catering Restaurants:

    Relish cuisine from FSSAI-approved restaurants, ensuring both taste and safety.
  • 12. Nationwide Coverage:

    YatriBhojan covers 750+ stations and partners with 2000+ FSSAI-certified restaurants across the India.
  • 13. Customization Options:

    Customize your meal preferences according to your taste and dietary requirements.
  • 14. No-Wait Payment Option:

    Enjoy a hassle-free payment process without unnecessary waiting.
  • 15. Coupon Code Offers:

    Avail additional discounts and offers through coupon codes. Visit YatriBhojan Offers page for coupon code.
  • 16. Order Tracking:

    Track the status of your food order for added convenience.
  • 17. Computerized Food Delivery System:

    Benefit from a streamlined and efficient computerized system for food delivery in trains.
  • 18. Customer Support:

    Get in touch with helpful customer service with any questions or requirements. Our customer support number is +91 76060 03702
  • 19. Online Payment and Cash On Delivery

    YatriBhojan offers versatile payment options, including online methods such as UPI, credit/debit cards, and the convenience of Cash on Delivery.
  • 20. Massive Food Delivery Reach:

    With over 100 million meals served and 7000+ trains covered, YatriBhojan ensures a wide reach. Continuously expand, covering more stations, ensuring efficient food delivery across diverse locations.


Choose YatriBhojan for a seamless and delightful dining experience during your train journey.

Explore a Culinary Journey with YatriBhojan: Types of Food You Can Order on Train

YatriBhojan offers a diverse range of delectable options catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, ensuring a delightful journey for every traveler at affordable prices.


YatriBhojan Pure Veg Food in Train Items:

  • Chhole: A classic North Indian dish rich in flavor.
  • Dal Fry: Tempting lentil curry cooked to perfection.
  • Dum Aloo: Potatoes cooked in a flavorful, aromatic gravy.
  • Dal Tadka: Yellow lentils tempered with spices for a comforting dish.
  • Manchurian: Indo-Chinese delight with vegetable balls in savory sauce.
  • Veg Biryani: Fragrant rice cooked with an assortment of fresh vegetables.
  • Paneer Tikka: Marinated and grilled cottage cheese skewers.
  • Shahi Paneer: Creamy and royal paneer curry.
  • Matar Paneer: Peas and paneer in a luscious tomato-based gravy.
  • Palak Paneer: Spinach-infused cottage cheese curry.
  • Veg Fried Rice: Stir-fried rice with assorted vegetables.
  • Rajma Chawal: Classic Indian dish - Rajma Chawal, flavorful kidney bean curry served with rice. Comforting and delicious.
  • Paneer Butter Masala: Creamy tomato-based curry with succulent paneer cubes, a rich and indulgent vegetarian delight.
  • Kadai Paneer: Paneer and bell peppers cooked in a spiced onion and tomato-based gravy, offering a delightful texture and taste.
  • Paneer Tikka Masala: Grilled paneer tikka pieces in a luscious and aromatic masala, a popular and savory choice.
  • Paneer Do Pyaza: A classic vegetarian delight with paneer cubes, onions, and a flavorful blend of spices.
  • Paneer Bhurji: Scrambled paneer cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices, a quick and flavorsome dish.
  • Paneer Kofta: Fried paneer balls in a rich and creamy gravy, a delectable and indulgent vegetarian treat.
  • Paneer Pulao: Fragrant rice cooked with paneer cubes and aromatic spices, a flavorful and satisfying rice dish.
  • Paneer Paratha: Stuffed flatbread with grated paneer, herbs, and spices, a wholesome and delicious option for a meal.
  • Mushroom Masala: Sauteed mushrooms in a rich and flavorful tomato-based curry, bursting with spices.
  • Garlic Butter Mushroom: Tender mushrooms tossed in garlic-infused butter, creating a delectable and aromatic dish.
  • Chicken 65 Spicy and flavorful bite-sized chicken pieces.
  • Chicken Pizza Indulge in a pizza topped with succulent chicken.
  • Chicken Chilli Stir-fried chicken in a spicy, tangy sauce.
  • Chicken Curry A classic Indian chicken curry with rich spices.
  • Chicken Handi Slow-cooked chicken in a traditional handi.
  • Chicken Tikka Grilled marinated chicken skewers bursting with flavors.
  • Chicken Pulao Fragrant rice cooked with tender chicken pieces.
  • Butter Chicken Creamy and buttery tomato-based chicken curry.
  • Chicken Minces Savory minced chicken delicacy.
  • Chicken Biryani Aromatic biryani with perfectly cooked chicken.
  • Chicken Lollipop Irresistible chicken drumettes in a flavorful coating.
  • Chicken Kolhapuri Spicy and robust chicken curry with Kolhapuri flavor.
  • Chicken Seek Kabab Succulent kababs seasoned to perfection.
  • Chicken Tangri Kabab Grilled chicken drumsticks marinated in aromatic spices.
  • Egg Fried Rice Fluffy rice stir-fried with eggs and vegetables, a delightful combination of textures and flavors in every bite.
  • Egg Curry Hard-boiled eggs simmered in a rich and aromatic curry, creating a flavorful and comforting dish.
  • Mutton Korma A rich, aromatic mutton curry with flavorful spices.
  • Mutton Rogan Josh Tender mutton in a robust, aromatic red curry.
  • Mutton Biryani Fragrant rice layered with succulent mutton, creating a flavorful and satisfying dish.
  • Mutton Curry Slow-cooked mutton in a spicy and savory curry.
  • Mutton Saagwala Mutton cooked with spinach for a nutritious and flavorful twist.
  • Mutton Do Pyaza Mutton curry with double the onions, adding sweetness and depth.
  • Mutton Bhuna Mutton slow-cooked to perfection with a blend of spices.
  • Mutton Haleem A savory blend of slow-cooked mutton, wheat, and lentils, creating a hearty dish.
  • Mutton Kadai Mutton cooked in a thick, spiced gravy in a traditional Kadai.
  • Mutton Pasanda Thin slices of mutton marinated and cooked in a rich, creamy sauce.
  • Mutton Malai Curry Mutton in a mild, creamy sauce for a luxurious dining experience.
  • Mutton Keema Minced mutton cooked with spices, versatile for various culinary creations.
  • Mutton Nihari Slow-cooked mutton stew with aromatic spices.
  • Mutton Dhansak Mutton cooked with lentils and vegetables, a Parsi delicacy.
  • Mutton Chaap Tender mutton chops marinated and grilled for a flavorful experience.
  • Mutton Sukka Dry mutton dish with a blend of spices, perfect for a hearty snack.
  • Mutton Stew Mutton simmered with vegetables in a light, aromatic broth.
  • Mutton Liver Fry Succulent mutton liver pan-fried with spices for a unique taste.
  • Mutton Chops Masala Flavorful masala-coated mutton chops cooked to perfection.
  • Fish Curry A flavorful blend of spices with tender fish pieces in a savory curry.
  • Grilled Fish Succulent fish fillets marinated and grilled to perfection, offering a smoky and delicious taste.
  • Fish Biryani Fragrant rice layered with spiced fish, creating a delightful biryani experience.
  • Fish Tandoori Fish marinated in aromatic spices and cooked to perfection in a traditional tandoor.
  • Fish Masala Rich and spicy fish curry with a medley of aromatic spices for a robust flavor.
  • Fried Fish Crispy and golden-brown fish fillets, lightly seasoned for a delightful crunch.
  • Fish Kebabs Skewered and grilled fish kebabs, infused with tantalizing spices for a savory treat.
  • Fish Soup A hearty soup featuring tender fish chunks in a flavorful broth.
  • Fish Pakoras Deep-fried fish fritters, a crispy and delicious snack bursting with fishy goodness.
  • Fish Tikka Bite-sized fish pieces marinated and grilled, offering a delightful tikka experience.

YatriBhojan delights passengers with a diverse range of pure veg food in trains. From the savory goodness of Lauki Korma to the tangy delight of Kadhi Rice (Kadhi Chawal), our menu offers a symphony of flavors. Explore more mouthwatering options like Aloo Gobi, Mix vegetable curry, and Pav Bhaji, ensuring a delightful culinary journey for every passenger's taste buds.


YatriBhojan Non Veg Food in Train Items:

YatriBhojan transforms train journeys into a culinary adventure with a diverse non-vegetarian menu. From the delicate flavors of Paplet fish to the succulence of jhinga, our offerings extend to meticulously cooked fish curries and a variety of mouthwatering mutton dishes. Indulge in the aromatic richness of Mutton Shahi Korma, the creamy allure of White Gravy Chicken, and an enticing array of spicy chicken curries. Each dish promises a flavorful journey, ensuring passengers savor every moment of their dining experience with YatriBhojan.

Variety of Thali and Snacks with YatriBhojan: Elevate Your Train Journey Dining Experience

Embark on a culinary journey with YatriBhojan during your train travel, offering an extensive menu that caters to diverse preferences. Indulge in a delightful array of thali options and quick bites that redefine onboard dining.*


Thali Options:


  • 1. Maharaja Thali:

    Fit for royalty, this thali includes a rich assortment of curries, rice, roti, naan and sweet treats for a lavish meal experience.
  • 2. Deluxe Thali:

    Offering a sumptuous mix of flavors and textures, the Deluxe Thali provides a satisfying meal for discerning taste buds.
  • 3. Mini Thali:

    Ideal for those with a lighter appetite, the Mini Thali ensures a quick and tasty meal with perfectly portioned delights.
  • 4. Standard Veg Thali:

    A classic vegetarian thali featuring an array of dishes to satisfy the palate of vegetarian enthusiasts.
  • 5. Non-Veg Thali:

    For non-vegetarian lovers, the Non-Veg Thali blends meat and vegetarian dishes to create a balanced and flavorful meal.
  • 6. And Many More:

    Explore a variety of regional and international thali options, offering a diverse culinary experience.

Regional Specialties:

YatriBhojan celebrates India's diverse culinary landscape, offering regional gems like Punjabi Chole Bhature, South Indian Dosa, and Bengali Fish Curry. Explore Bihar's iconic Litti Chokha, savor Maharashtra's renowned Wada Pav, and indulge in Kanpur's famous street food delights, now available at YatriBhojan. Enjoy the authentic tastes of different parts of India during your train journey.

Snacks and Quick Bites:

Fulfill your cravings with a range of snacks and quick bites, from samosas to sandwiches, ensuring a delightful nibble during your journey.



Quench your thirst with hot and cold beverages, including aromatic tea, coffee, soft drinks, and traditional Indian beverages like lassi.



Conclude your meal on a sweet note with desserts ranging from classic Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun to ice creams and cakes, catering to every sweet tooth.

Pizza in Train - Let's Enjoy

Indulge in a train journey treat with our specialty - Pizza! YatriBhojan brings you the best from top restaurants, offering a diverse selection of both chicken and veg pizzas. Prepared with expertise, these delectable pizzas promise a delightful experience, making your train travel a savory adventure. Order now and savor the joy of top-notch pizza in the comfort of your train berth.

YatriBhojan transforms your train dining experience with a diverse menu, ensuring there's something for everyone to savor during the journey.

Group Food Order in Train with YatriBhojan: A Feast for Every Palate

YatriBhojan caters to diverse tastes, ensuring a delightful dining experience for groups with a wide array of options, including Jain Sattvic food, vegetarian delights, and non-vegetarian indulgences.


1. Group Food Order:

Enjoy the convenience of placing group food orders for your travel companions, ensuring everyone gets their preferred meals.


2. Jain Sattvic Food:

YatriBhojan offers a range of Jain Sattvic food options, adhering to dietary restrictions and providing a pure and balanced culinary experience. Let's enjoy YatriBhojan Pure Jain Food with our friends and family.


3. Vegetarian Delights:

Indulge in a variety of vegetarian options, from classic Indian thalis to regional specialties, catering to the tastes of vegetarian enthusiasts. Place a bulk order of delectable vegetarian meals on the train and savor a joyous culinary experience with your loved ones.


4. Non-Vegetarian Indulgences:

For those who savor non-vegetarian cuisine, YatriBhojan provides a delectable selection of meaty delights, from chicken curries to biryanis. Elevate your family train journeys by placing a bulk order of delectable non-vegetarian meals, ensuring a satisfying and delightful dining experience for everyone on board.


5. Diverse Menu for Every Preference:

YatriBhojan's diverse menu ensures that whether you're a vegetarian, a Jain follower, or a non-vegetarian, there's something to satisfy every palate. Enhance your train journey with YatriBhojan's bulk orders, offering a blend of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and Jain food options. Create cherished memories by ensuring everyone's unique tastes and preferences are met, making the journey truly memorable for your loved ones.


6. Customized Orders:

Tailor your group order to accommodate different preferences, allowing each member to enjoy a meal suited to their taste. Enjoy the best with YatriBhojan's order customization, empowering passengers to add precisely what they crave, ensuring a personalized and satisfying culinary journey right from their train seat.


7. Convenient and Hassle-Free:

Ordering with YatriBhojan for a group ensures a seamless and hassle-free process, making group travel dining a breeze. From ordering to doorstep delivery, YatriBhojan takes care of everything. Just relax and relish as your favorite meals arrive at your train seat, making your journey a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.


8. On-Time Delivery to Your Berth:

Experience prompt and on-time delivery of your group order right at your train berth, ensuring a timely and enjoyable meal for everyone.


Elevate your group travel dining experience with YatriBhojan's extensive offerings, catering to Jain Sattvic food, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian preferences for a satisfying journey for all.

Order Jain Food in Train: YatriBhojan, Your Trusted Partner

YatriBhojan, as your reliable partner, offers the convenience of ordering Jain food in trains with a commitment to the Sattvic principle. Embrace a journey filled with pure and balanced meals through YatriBhojan's trusted services.


1. Sattvic Jain Cuisine:

YatriBhojan provides a dedicated selection of Sattvic Jain food, adhering to the principles of simplicity, purity, and balance.


2. Pure Vegetarian Delights:

Explore a menu that exclusively caters to vegetarian preferences, ensuring a wholesome and satisfying dining experience in alignment with Jain dietary practices.


3. Trusted Partner:

YatriBhojan is your trusted partner for train travel dining, ensuring reliability and consistency in delivering Jain Sattvic meals.


4. Customized Jain Menu:

Enjoy a customized Jain menu with a variety of options, from thalis to individual dishes, accommodating your specific dietary requirements.


5. Quality Assurance:

YatriBhojan upholds high standards of quality, guaranteeing that your Jain Sattvic meals are prepared with care and precision.


6. Convenient Ordering:

Place your Jain food order conveniently through YatriBhojan's user-friendly platform or toll-free number, making the process seamless and efficient.


7. On-Time Delivery:

Experience on-time delivery of your Jain Sattvic food directly to your train berth, ensuring a timely and enjoyable meal during your journey.


8. Embrace Sattvic Principles:

YatriBhojan embraces the Sattvic principles of freshness, purity, and balance, providing you with a culinary experience that aligns with your beliefs.

Trust YatriBhojan for a journey where your Jain food preferences are honored, and the Sattvic principle is upheld, ensuring a tranquil and satisfying travel dining experience.

Why Order Food on Train From YatriBhojan?


1. Hygiene at Its Best:

Enjoy hygienically prepared food from top FSSAI-certified restaurants, ensuring quality and safety.


2. Nationwide Coverage:

YatriBhojan delivers food to 750+ stations across India, making it accessible for travelers nationwide.


3. Diverse Cuisines for All:

Catering to all age groups, YatriBhojan offers a variety of cuisines to satisfy diverse taste preferences.


4. Extensive Restaurant Network:

With tie-ups with 2000+ FSSAI-approved restaurants, you get a wide array of options to enjoy food delivery in trains.


5. Regional Cuisine Choices:

Indulge in a variety of regional cuisines, allowing you to savor the flavors of different parts of India during your train journey.


6. On-Time Delivery to Your Berth:

YatriBhojan ensures timely delivery, bringing your meals right to your train berth for a convenient dining experience.


7. Customer Support Availability:

Have peace of mind with available customer support. Contact YatriBhojan at +91 76060 03702 for assistance and queries. Avoid the hassles of carrying food that may spoil during the journey. Choose YatriBhojan for nutritious, tasty, and fresh food on your train travels.

FAQs on Online Food Orders Delivery in Trains with YatriBhojan


Q: Which is the convenient medium to pre-book train food delivery?

A: The most convenient medium to pre-book train food delivery is through YatriBhojan's user-friendly online platform or toll-free number (+91 76060 03702). Choose the method that suits you best for a hassle-free dining experience.

Q: What are the steps involved to order food delivery in train journey?

A: To order food in a train journey, simply call YatriBhojan's toll-free number or use our online platform. Provide train details, select desired food items, confirm your order, and make the payment. Enjoy on-time delivery of fresh and delicious meals directly to your train berth.

Q: How to order food delivery in train journeys online?

A: You can easily order food online for your train journey with YatriBhojan by calling their toll-free number (+91 76060 03702) or using their online platform (

Q: How will a customer know that his/ her order is booked?

A: Once you place your order, YatriBhojan promptly sends a confirmation SMS to your registered mobile number and an email to the provided email address, ensuring you're informed that your order is successfully booked.

Q: Who delivers food to the customers on trains?

A: YatriBhojan ensures timely delivery of your food directly to your train berth by their dedicated delivery team.

Q: Does a customer need to stand at the gate of the railway coach or step out on the platform to collect the order?1

A: No, YatriBhojan offers the convenience of delivering your order right to your train berth, eliminating the need for you to step out.

Q: If the train is running late, then how will YatriBhojan ensure timely deliveries?

A: YatriBhojan addresses potential delays by adapting delivery schedules according to the train's timing. Food is guaranteed to be delivered between 7 am to 10 pm, adjusting to the updated arrival time. However, if the train arrives later than 10 pm at the delivery station, orders are automatically canceled. In case of prior consumer payment, refunds are processed within 2 to 3 working days. This proactive approach ensures a seamless experience even in the face of unexpected delays.

Q: Can a customer cancel or change his order?

A: Yes, YatriBhojan allows customers to cancel or make changes to their orders, providing flexibility for your journey.

Q: How can customers pay for orders online?

A: Customers can conveniently pay for their orders online through various payment options provided by YatriBhojan. We offers diverse payment options, including online methods such as UPI, credit/debit cards, and net banking. Additionally, Cash on Delivery (COD) is available, allowing you to pay the delivery executive upon receiving your delicious meal during your train journey.

Q: What if an order delivery fails?

A: In the rare event of a delivery failure, YatriBhojan's customer support can assist in resolving the issue and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Q: Which platform is best for food delivery in train?

A: YatriBhojan is a best platform for food delivery in trains, offering a diverse menu and excellent services.

Q: How can I avail coupon codes on YatriBhojan?

A: YatriBhojan frequently provides special offers and discounts. Visit our offers or coupon code page to know current discount detail (promo code). Simply enter the coupon code during the checkout process to enjoy exclusive savings on your train journey meals.

Q: What should I do if I encounter issues with a coupon code?

A: If you face any concerns regarding coupon codes, reach out to YatriBhojan's customer support. They are ready to assist and ensure you receive the benefits associated with your coupon for a seamless dining experience.

Q: How can I place a group food order with YatriBhojan?

A: Group Order Placement Guide:
  • Select your desired items and quantities for each group member.
  • During checkout, provide the seat details of one member to ensure accurate delivery for the entire group.
  • Enjoy a seamless group dining experience with YatriBhojan on your train journey.